Hi, I’m Martin!

Me, relaxing in grass.

I am a professional massage therapist who is very enthusiastic about his job. I love making other people happy, help them get relief from stress and worries and spread positive energy.

Before my life job I worked as a service, driver or in 5* hotel.

I was born in 1989 and I enjoyed making others happy since I was a little kid. When I had found my first girlfriend, I wanted to give her first-class massage. And that was my first actual encounter with massage techniques.

I have tried a lot of different jobs and fields during my university studies. I did work in financial consulting, in personal management in a cleaning company and also in fast food and luxurious hotel service. I even got experience in piloting the boat on Vltava river or gardening jobs on Petrin Hill in Prague. However, during all this time I had still flirted with the idea of turning my interest in massages into the career. I participated in some thematic courses and workshops (for example Trigger point therapy, Thai and Hawaiian massage techniques …) which culminated in official massage therapist’s certification in 2014. As it turns out this job fulfills me the most and I feel like my potential is finally fully used in this field.

My Czech version of project works since 2014.

I was in the loss at the beginning, however after a year I got up to the zero. I developed my beloved job into the art in the course of time. Currently, after four years of practical training, I work on my label propagation and upgrading my professional English language skills so I can listen to your needs and wishes better.

So what can I do for you?

My favorite coconut oil.

What is my favorite massage oil? Coconut! It has a delicate fragrance and it is easy to work with even when it is not heated up. And it can’t get spilled.

I would like to experience the original Ayurveda massage. Some of my clients compare this type of massage to mine and so I would like to know how it feels like.

What part of the body do I like most to massage? I enjoy giving a head massage as I can feel clients getting relaxed quickly under my fingers or feet massage during which even talkative clients stop talking and relax completely.

I relax by doing various physical activities in nature and recharge my strength by high-quality coffee or good green tea. I also love bio vegetables from my own garden.

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