Massages differ according to their length. You will choose which part of your body you want to get massaged. I massage from head to feet in a combination of the world’s techniques.
None of the massage is the same as the other. And you will always be satisfied.

I will bring along everything necessary

  • Portable massage table
  • Clean towels
  • Bio massage oils, massage flasks
  • Relaxation music

The most favorite option for the first meeting: 90 minutes of personal care

Experience the magic of tailored personal care. The most favorite choice of my clients is 90 min relaxation massage of the head, back, back of the neck and back sides of legs. You should vacate at least 2 hours of free time in your calendar.

Bio massages for whole body

Just imagine, that … you lie down on the soft comfortable bed. You listen to the soothing nature sounds with birds singing. Massage therapist massages your head with soft calming touches. You feel comfortably warm and you are getting into that sensational relaxed state of mind. But you will not get fully asleep. Later you can hear the forthcoming jingle of sheep-bells. Are you really on the pasture? Well, not at all, because you are slowly waking up back into reality. However this new reality appears to be brighter, everything looks more positive and you feel more content and relaxed.
That is a great feeling, isn’t it?

1 450 CZK in the studio / 1 800 CZK in the apartment

Full body massage option

Luxurious 2-hours experience. Your whole body will get extraordinary nurturing care and you will surf a wave of euphoria for the whole 2 hours.

1 850 CZK in the studio / 2 200 CZK in the apartment

Next option: 60 minutes massage

The usual offer for this option is the massage of the back and back of the neck, which includes pain release of a strained back and other trigger points. However, there is also space for any other particular wishes.

990 CZK in the studio / 1 340 CZK in the apartment